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Cognitive radio is arriving on the heels of SDR technology and building on it. This new wireless paradigm involves SDR systems that can reconfigure their analog RF output and that incorporate "self-awareness" and knowledge of transmission protocols, etiquette and procedures.

These developments will yield a cognitive radio able to sense its RF environment and location and then alter its power, frequency, modulation and other operating parameters so as to dynamically reuse whatever spectrum is available.

Just as the emergence of cell-phone technology has led to wide social and business consequences, cognitive radio's adoption will induce similar changes as advanced devices exploit the wireless Web to displace now traditional cell phones.

The growth of cognitive radio will take some time to occur, but the effect on all our lives will be significant.

When catastrophic events occur, many agencies must immediately and effectively be able to communicate to respond effectively. Hurricane Katrina is an example of the kinds of problems created by our inability to communicate effectively.

C-SDR provides the most effective potential solution for a system level approach that could be quickly configured to connect multiple agencies under a common communication network.