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Predicition of failure conditions and degraded perfomance requiring maintenance

As more electronic devices are integrated into vehicles to improve the reliability, drivability and maintainability, diagnosis becomes increasingly difficult for both commercial and military assets. To circumvent these difficulties and provide a more complete coverage for detection of any fault, a new paradigm for design of automotive diagnostic systems is needed. The new paradigm is called Immune System Engineering. Comprehensive dynamic models utilizing dynamic neural networks, provide high fidelity estimates of system behavior in virtually all operating conditions so that deviations from expected performance may readily be detected.

Global Defense Electronics is working with military and government vehicle users to apply this technology in the area of Condition Based Maintenance. The company's years of experience in transportation electronics provides the domain expertise necessary to implement these inutitive modeling techniques through domain specific experts

ref: Dynamic Neural Network Approach to CBM
ref: Approaches to Health Monitoring of the CAT 7 Disel Engine